FS17 - Agco Challenger Mt900E Tractor V2.0

July 21, 2018 6:13 am 319 Downloads
Add some Yellow after all the Red. Version 2 - Added more IC options (added IC Options) - Fixed flickering decals in the cabin (fixed cabin decal flickering) Here is the edited AGCO Challenger MT900E with following Engines: - MT 955E - MT 965E - MT 975E There are several wheel options for the tractor. These are: Trelleborg: TM 900 Singles and Duals, TM 800 Duals, TM 900 710 Duals, TM 600 Triples and Duals Firestone: TM 800 Duals, TM 600 Duals, TM 480 Triples and Dual The current version includes the following scripts: - ICControl - DoorOpener - BeifahrerV3//Passenger Script - IndoorSounds - DynamicHoses - SpeedJoyStick - Cabsuspension - Adblue - OilChange - Numberplates (can be hidden via ICControl, more EU-thing) - Additional Firestone Tires (V7) Have fun and enjoy. Notice: If you want to turn the driver's seat, you have to deactivate the cabsuspension firt (default key is 6 on keyboard), because the script forces the seat into neutral position as soon as you move the tractor forward. With deactivated cabsuspension script, the seat is movable.

Credits: Modell: Giants; Rafazr (Rims)
Textur: Giants; Rafazr (Rims)

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