FS17 - Baldeykino 4 Map

May 17, 2017 8:15 pm 884 Downloads
From the author editing the map Baldeykino 4 – salaris64: Based on the map “Baldeikino 3” FS17. Years passed, “Baldeykino” is no longer the same as before. The new owner decided to improve the lives of people in the village. But, as always there are hackers and plowing as horrible, so the fields are not even, but if you want, you can always correct, combine. Added train, transporter-storage of cereals and vegetables, replaced the base storage, changed the landscape, basically all the trees can be sawed, in the forest base the transporter with a crane. The map now has all the standard animals. Milk is delivered at the mills, near the bread factory. But the bread factory still does not work, as before. Choppedstraw – removed, strongly slows the game. There is a sawmill on pallets boards, a sale in a farm at the crossroads. From the old map taken production and placed on another near the barn. Production of fuel is to be transported by a tanker to the base. To operate the productions, you need the AAA_UniversalProcessKit mod (comes with the kit). Some fields are changed from the original and their price is revised. This is my first work on remaking maps, evaluate and do not really scold if anything goes wrong. Edit Edit: From the author: Thank you for your criticism, I took into account that I was able to correct it. The production of fertilizers and seeds has moved, now they are near fertilizer loading (if the grass is confused, then start a new game). On the farm, the drinking bowl is more conveniently located (if the grass is confused, then start a new game). Cows enter the cowshed room. Added a feed mixer for pigs, next to a feed mixer for cows. The trigger in the “Processing shop” has been replaced. Now you can sell all the cereals from the train to the vegetable store and from the train and from the transport. Fixed here and there trees and errors with the gate. Near the pig farm I put a silo bunk (if the grass is confused, then start a new game). Russified screens production.

Credits: ben686, Den Ben, ajsik69, RT-mods Modified by: salaris64

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