FS17 - Belarus 820 Tractor V1

October 19, 2018 6:22 am 448 Downloads
Minuses: - There are two hands in one hand when fashioning a hand from an external camera - Changes in the ic panel do not save after re-loading save More Not Found Have you found any errors? Let me know about it. Configurations in the store: - without a turn / with a turn - without anything / hook / weights What he has: - Getting dirty - Bended tires - Dynamic Camera - Vibrations - Moving axis - Movable doors and mud flaps - Hand mod (switched off by IC) - Smoking (turned off by IC) - Balloon when firing - Openable doors, windows, roof, mask - Engine covers removed from the approach, mud flaps, catches, reflectors - A moving cardan shaft - A mobile windmill in the engine and elements in the cabin - Weight 36.1 Mb - A clean log That\'s it. Have a nice game.

Credits: Model Author: LSSA, Mtz-2l, ANDREI1994, Pavel_Tikhonov, Bartek90256. Author: Bartek90256

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