FS17 - Black Mountain Montana Map V1

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Welcome to Montana, the Big Sky Country. This map uses real world terrain from the Big Flat area near Missoula Montana. Most of the map is mountainous forest with some flat farm land in the Northeast. This is a forestry map with limited farming. The cows, sheep, pigs and chickens are on the map and there are enough arable fields for a single player to make a living at farming. Features: Dairy cow’s pasture, pig’s enclosure and chicken coop near player farm. Sheep’s pasture to the Northwest in Sherman Gulch. Eight arable fields ranging in size from 1.8 to 5.6 hectares with a total of 35 ha. Sell points (see the PDA): -Hay, grass and straw in the red barn at the player farm (Barn on PDA). -Manure and liquid manure at Mary’s Farm to the North. -Logs and wood chips at Stanton Sawmill in the center of the map. -Wood chips at the Biomass Plant in the town to the Northeast. -Three sell points for grain and root crops: 1. Wright Agribusiness to the Northwest. 2. Goldcrest Pacific Grain to the Northeast across the river. 3. Denton Bakery in the town to the Northeast. -Eggs are sold at Denton Bakery and the diner to the Northeast. -Livestock is bought and sold at Emmerson’s Livestock Market to the Northeast across the river. -Wool is sold at the Spinnery near the Livestock Market and Goldcrest Pacific. Water can be pumped from the Clark Fork River to the Northeast. There are also fountains at the main farm (by the red barn) and near the sheep’s pasture by the mining shed. There are gold nuggets scattered around the mountains. The abandoned gold mine to the Northwest is a good place to start looking for them. Fertilizer and seed triggers are on the main farm. There is a gas pump at the main farm and a gas station in the town to the Northeast. You can also refuel by the barrels and gas cans at the logging camps on Horseback Ridge and Middle Ridge. The best timber on the map is near the logging camps to the Southeast and Southwest, high up in the mountains. The logging roads in the mountains are challenging. Plan out your haul routes carefully. The steeper trails down the ridges are for skidding logs. Since they are not used often they will frequently have dead trees across them. Those trees can be removed with a chainsaw. See the support topic for more details and images.

Credits: Giants Software FS-UK and American Eagles Modding Hosting Hoot: Map design and terrain textures Dorset: Gates, fences, foliage CBJ Midwest Modding: Quonset Hut, Barn, Shop General_LS-Andy: Road set Testers: Ag Hauler, CCS101, Akuenzi

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