FS17 - Canadian Ultimate 9 Final

March 27, 2018 6:55 am 411 Downloads
This the version 9.1 updated and corrected. Map vehicules and mods are included. # Backup your saved games, remove any copy of the ultimate 9 map from your mods folder, insert the new one.## ++Resume your game++ NOTE: If you have problems, remove all mods except the one included from your mods folder, and try again. Corrections: +Short grass in gardens missing, + Flatten all fields (not visable before a new game is started) + Corrected all animated animals and workers, + Installed old locomotive back. + Free water on the map + Marker at Class lowered + road sections corrections + Brewery silos organised + FillType error problem eliminated. **Thank you all for your comments, also thanks to all modders and scripters involved. - Please let me know if server works.

Credits: renebqc

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