FS17 - Cantabria Infinite Map

July 26, 2017 6:57 pm 696 Downloads
Maud multifruit Cantabria Infinite card for Farming Simulator 2017 is based on the territory of Argonos, Cantabria located in Spain. Here beautiful area, washed by the ocean. You can enjoy the show. There are a variety of plants, the area for deforestation, all the animals and choppedStraw. 4 points of sale of grain and 2 pallets. BGA. Non-standard for the FS 17 Culture: hops, apples, olives, grapes. Yes, to be a farmer in Spain – pretty interesting to do. Try it! Updated: Sea water desalination plant produces drinking water and salt. Salt water must be collected from any of the universal tank Kottes, added to the map. At any point of the coast, you can dial the sea water, but watch out for the mud! There are several places prepared for a safe removal of salt water, lined with wooden walkway. Slaughterhouse, bring their animals and get trays with fresh meat and ham. Animals must be transported in a vehicle “El Pozo”, which is included in the map, in the animal section. Ham. Bring your ham trays, empty trays and salt. In return you will receive trays with ham. Factory production is slow. Olive oil on pallets. Now, the olives are processed in the courtyard of the oil factory and have a price higher than the “normal” oil on pallets, which is produced from rapeseed or sunflower.


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