FS17 - Dorf Godshorn Map V1.3

March 28, 2018 8:14 pm 430 Downloads
Goldcrest Hills map rebuilt standard map Version Forest area rebuilt for new pigsty. New foliage texture and GMKFC mod 3.0. Built mods: Textures by El Cid Shelves of lebaronxz Streets of Fatian CompostMaster by Farmer_Andy Fertilizer, seeds and gas at the farm New halls with gates and chopped straw ready. Built mods: Farm gas station of AI-Modding (new trigger set) Luxury House of 20mmNormandy (Large Scale) Supply by Sosnova - Map Halls Pack by RedSky (large scale) Machines hall of Arii Objects Pack by Arii ChoppedStraw by Webalizer

Credits: Modell: Giants/ Imperon
Textur: Standart
Script: Webalizer und Farmer_Andy
Idee / Konzept: Giants/ Imperon
Tester: Imperon
Sonstige: AI-Modding, 20mmNormandy, RedSky, Fendfan1,
Desperados93,El Cid, lebaronxz, Fatian, Farmer_Andy und Arii

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