FS17 - Dugunculu Map V 2.0.0

December 16, 2017 8:18 am 229 Downloads
Version 2.0.0 bugs location:(Dügüncülü,Alpullu,Sinanli) *Added Alpullu sugar factory to the map *Fields and everything around is really the same *Sales locations, the names of the shops around are the same *The roads are hard and quite steep Places in: *Alpullu sugar factory *Sinanli flour factory *BGA *Bahçivan Milk and yoghurt sales center *Kalender markets *A large number of fields *Big grass field *In some places objects are ineffective *A large forest area *3 villages and all big *Actual structure and paths *Real points of sale and houses *And many more places.. This Is A Real Map Of A Place producer:Ataberk(RedeX) This Map Is My 3rd Map. Thanks To Everybody Who Supports It. V2 / Added / splines added (car) lights added objects added trees and more signboard added cultivated fields added altitude adjustment done /errors/ fences path errors cow buying place starting point fault factory faults

Credits: REDEX

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