FS17 - Fazenda Sao Luiz Map Gigante V1.0

September 17, 2018 6:28 am 511 Downloads
Map based on real land of Fazenda São Luiz, located in Estrela do Sul - Minas Gerais. (About the Map) The Fazenda São Luiz is a map with large and gigantic lands. The map is very similar to real-life ranch. Its headquarters is very large and has 2 large and 2 small sheds. On the map there is only one cooperative (CARGILL) that is very large and detailed, in which I am sure it will be enough to store your grains. VERSION 2.0 (The map will receive updates soon) - DETAILS - Map is with MUIT FRUIT Added. You'll be able to choose from a variety of crops to cultivate, all with HD textures that have been tested and approved. The map is configured with FUNCTIONAL LAND (The animation follows the grid or planter discs). It has changed the planting animation to look more like real life. Note: it is not recommended to take the ground texture of this map and put it in another, because the animation was made exclusively for this. I hope you understand. We do not recommend cultivating SORGO (BECAUSE THAT CULTURE IS COMPLICATED WITH SCRIPT ERROR IN WHICH WE ARE TRYING TO RESOLVE). (ANY ERROR OR BUG THAT YOU FIND IN REPORTS, SO WE WILL LAUNCH UPDATES TO CORRIGE THEM) I HOPE YOU LIKE THE MAP GOOD GAME!!

Credits: Map: Maikon Dowglas I. and Igor Rodrigues Support and collaboration: Filipe Lima Help and completion: Juliano (LOST GAMER)

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