FS17 - Gods Country Map V1.1

May 27, 2017 8:12 pm 315 Downloads
This is my first attempt at upgrading a map (Sosnovka). I’ve always liked Sosnovka but I was never happy with the architecture and other things. I think of this map as a 21st century Sosnovka. Greenhouse production Soymilk production by slowtide63 KevinK98’s Sawmill BioFuel Farmer Andy’s Seedmaster Farmer Andy’s Compostmaster Fermenter 5000 by GTX Mods Kastor’s Cow an Pig food mixers Gold nuggets 8 extra foliage layers Choppedstraw by webalizer BlackSheep Modding’s Multifruit Additional crops – Rye, oat, spelt, triticale, millet, sorgum. No Errors Mods you should get. The map has chopped straw by webalizer installed so you could download the control file from the Giant’s offical website mods section if you wish to activate it. The marhu sites stop milk sale placeable mod. Milk sales are at the bakery in the back yard. Farmer_Andy’s Kotte Garrant Universal Tanker mod and a must for the map, again from the website. Much of my inspiration came from Stevies Pine Cove Farm. I want to thank him not only for inspiration but for his knowledge, wisdom and patience. Also thanks to ShyWizard and his very informative Youtube videos. And of course, thanks to God for everything. This maps was an entertaining, learning experience built from Sosnovka.

Credits: Giant’s Software, Stevie, Marhu, Kevink98, Farmer_Andy, Webalizer, Blacksheep, Kastor, FSModding, slowtide63, GTX Mods If I have failed to mention anyone I apologize. There are many things added to this map and if you see something you created, please let me know so I can give you the credit you deserve. I didn’t create any of the mods in this map and I have nothing but respect for those who did. Thanks to the modding community for all their hard work.

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