FS17 - Hollandsche Flachen Map V1

June 17, 2017 5:29 pm 321 Downloads
Present in the map: Farm – Grain silo with vehicles barn Farm – Cows, Grain silo, And a straw bale barn Small village with pedestrian / Village in the mountains Traffic BGA – Works on fabriekscript Sawmill – Production Biodiesel – Production Greenhouse – Production Fish – Production SmokyFisch – Production Dairy – Production Eggs factory – Production / with a new product eggsmix Bakery – Production pallets work – Production FSM LOGISTICS – Production Liquid fertilizer – Production Export logistics – Production Brewery – Production Fruit orchard – Production Power plant Shop BayWa – sale of pellets, Grain, Compost, Bio waste, manure, Slurry, Eggs, Meat, potatoes, Sugar beet Buy from the two silos Fertilizer a seed Raiffeisen – sale of pellets, Grain, Eggs, wool, Straw and straw balls Buy / seed There are three water points. Where you can load water. CompostMaster out the map ackendorf seedMaster nice landscape There are 39 fields buyable

Credits: Vielen Dank an allen Moddern denen Objekte ich verbaut habe! Ich will FSM-Team, wir danken Ihnen für die Nutzung der Gebäude und der Produktion. Durch diese Bauten, und die Produktion kann. Wir haben eine schöne Karte für jedermann.

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