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Changelog - Big-Toy-Update - add vehicle Flitsi - add Basic tools: bale fork, pallet fork, manure fork - major improvement: drive physics --> additional motorconfiguration for keyboard and controller user ITSI Multiloader equipped with a reinforced bending steering. Despite of the own light weight the vehicle is very stable. In curves and on rough terrain too. The lifting arm has a "Float" option. This means the arm can low down like 3-point and attachments follow the ground. Wide view, LED light all around and modern displays allows optimal working condition. Even in your FS17 cabine. This package contains: Vehicles: - Klitsi lift capacity: 0,6 t MaxSpeed: 11 or 18 km/h Lift high: 3,3 m - Flitsi lift capacity: 1,5 t MaxSpeed: 16, 23 or 30 km/h Lift high: 3,5 m Tools - Mower 1200 - High Tip Shovel S - Pallet Fork - Bale Fork - Manure Fork Weights (back): - 35 kg inline weight - 35 kg with trailer attachment - 150 kg with trailer attachment Vehicle options: - 2 Wheeltypes (Tractor, Greenland) - paintable (Metal-parts, Plastic-parts, Rims)

Credits: ImpTS

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