FS17 - Mtz-80/82/510/512 Tractor V2.0

September 24, 2018 4:52 pm 574 Downloads
The modification has a large number of scripts, including IC (interactive control), so if you have a negative attitude to this point, you simply do not waste your time to download the mod. The modification has high-resolution textures, BUT fps drawdown was not observed. However, in the near future, the owners of weak machines will be able to download a version of the modification with “compressed” textures. Mod is divided into 8 tractors: – MTZ-80 ; – MTZ-80 Export; – MTZ-82; – MTZ-82 Export; – MTZ-82 with module MES-200; – MTZ-510 ; – MTZ-512 ; – MTZ-82 created on the basis of a real tractor. But these modifications have their own distinctive features: – On MTZ-80/82 you can put insulation on the hood, put protective nets on the glass and headlights, paint different parts of the tractor in different colors; – On MTZ-510/512 you can install the roof and the story on her mask network (which sways slightly in the wind), as the mask network can be hung on the hood, paint different parts of the tractor in different colors; – At all tractor front can be put: towing loop, bracket counterweight (without it the counterweight will not hang), install the front hitch; – You can install/remove the front wings; – All tractors have different types of wheels (from normal to semi-track); – MTZ-82/82 a choice of 3 engine variant,for each of the engines their distinctive sound; – MTZ-510/512 a choice of four engines (besides the engines that are on 80/82 there is a engine D-244,57 L. S.); – When you change the engine changes and its visual part (as the engine and the hood under the turbine); – If you put on the tractor front loader, the lights will move into the hood (insulation on the hood will also dress the appropriate); – In fashion open doors, hatch, rear window (with all the accompanying animations and sound); – If the game is raining, the janitor is sluggish,but surely waving back and forth; – When the engine is running spinning, spinning and vibrating all that should.

Credits: Bear Farm

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