FS17 - North Stone Farm Map V2.0

February 19, 2019 5:25 am 881 Downloads
Welcome to North Stone Farm, a fictional map set in the UK with various locations used for inspiration. This map has been a huge learning curve and I believe I may have doubled my knowledge. This map has all of the standard features as well as custom sky, foliage and ground textures and extra foliage layers. - 5 Yards, 3 usable - First yard being North Stone itself, this houses the cows and hens, as well as some arable facilities - Second yard being Hastings Farm, this houses the pigs and sheep - The third and final usable yard is Grigson Farm which is solely arable - There are then 2 sell point yards being Parsons Farm and Vallis Rock Farm, here you can sell grain and bales, they also both include silage pits too - 2 grain sell points - BGA - Lumber yard and forests - 40+ fields, some with missions V2 Changelog - - Removed almost all paintable trees and replaced in favour of proper trees - New map border along one side of the map - Fixed Mole Valley sellpoint - Added Seasons snow mask - Added a pond with water trigger by main farm - Fixed shed tipping - New PDA image - Better overall polish

Credits: GIANTS
FarmFarm (LoneWolfModding)
NI Modding
Mappers Paradise
Frontier Design
AMG Gaming

Sorry if I missed anyone, and thank you to all who helped me through this project :)

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