FS17 - North Wind Farms Map V1.2

April 6, 2017 4:17 pm 550 Downloads
The map is standard size but has a few extras on it such as marhu’s sawmill, suger factory, pallet factory, cardboard factory, bio fuel factory, green houses, cow food mixer,pig food mixer, fermenting sio, seedmaster2k17, liquid and solid fert production and compost master. Things added added soy milk factory added milk factory added slurry seperator added pallet conveyor belts for all factorys added more grass and trees multifruit millet oats rye spelt triticale (may add more)

Credits: jona124 marhu scripts Zews for the milk factory,green houses,pallet storage,pallet factory, cardboard factory and sugar factory soymilk Model: slowtide63, Giants Script: kevink98, LS15: Marhu gulleseperator Script: kevink98, LS15: Mahru Modell: Giants, kevink98 seedmaster farmer andy holzhacher td3 by kastor feed mixer pack Kastor, Marhu,Kevink98,Joker301069,Farmer_Andy compost master2k17 farmer andy

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