FS17 - Nova Fantinati Terra Vermelha Map V3

November 4, 2017 5:32 am 518 Downloads
Aee Staff Everything Good, I bring you the FNF Based Map of Maringá Parana, with very uneven reliefs, and all with terraces so it’s a map to work with small and medium implements it’s no use trying to get a DB 50 or 90, and a Combine with Platform of 45 Feet, you can even get more will not give much Well hehe, then let’s go to what he’s saying, guys, the Map Has your HQ with Hens, Sheep, Cows, Pigs, All Functional, Map Also Has BGA, Located In Some of its 2 sales, now with the sale of Separate Wood from one of your grain sales, You will be able to Buy the Fields if you opt, or rent them .. and for people who do not want to buy the fields is just pick up planting on top of the field you wish you will not have anything blocking Also on the map if you want, you will be able to take down those trees that makes the devisas and tals that in the map the map .. and that’s it there for anyone who wants to play the download ta ae .. MAP WITH MUIT FRUIT: Cultures such as Bean on the map, Oats (Rye), Rye (Spelt), Millet (Millet), another oat substituting Japanese Radish to be able to cover solo and many other news .. V3: RED LAND This update has in particular the red earth … Map with new lands.Made especially for the planting of the cane. (PRÉ CANA) We will make every effort possible after DLC Platinum, add the cane as soon as possible and we will be bringing the Update of him .. (Map does not yet have the cane culture) Map had some optimized points to leave a little lighter .. Sounds of birds and among others added on the map to leave more .. And among other corrected details to make it better .. Any bugs Report us, and we’ll be updating as soon as possible ..

Credits: Mapa By:Agricultor-Fs FSBZ Moddings

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