FS17 - STEYR Plus 760 2WD V2

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Version STEYR_Plus_760_768_V2 - Plus 768 carpet fitted rear - Plus 768: 2WD wheel set inserted - Plus 768: Purchaseable Hydrac FH + FZ installed - Plus 760 and 768 equipped with exhaust manifold (still ned perfectly furnished is still made) - Plus 760: LED working light is removed So, now it's time, the long wait has come to an end Here we introduce you to the Steyr Plus 760, based on the 545 Plus model from DeutzAgroxtra, rebuilt and LS17 ready from us. ATTENTION: This entry is extended / updated. INFO: Construction period: 1971 - 1976 Engine: Steyr WD 408.40 Gearbox: Synchronized Steyr group gearbox with 16v and 8r gears Tank capacity: 83l BJ: 1976 Net weight: 2580 kg + 400 kg Front weight Type plate Sound is from a Steyr Plus 760The snow chains no longer fit so well to the tire profile. The times would have to be reworked. The twin wheels have no tire tracks and originate as well as the snow chains from LS13? / LS15 from CebuljCek Modding. The twin tires + snow chains we have times as "emergency solution" so installed, since we work on several projects at the same time. We ask for your understanding. Functions: from the outside: Removing / removing front fender Doors on / off button R Open / close left button R Snow chains (rear) on / off button R Twin tire (rear) on / off button R Shop configurations: Front loader attached: Yes or no Engine version: Standard engine: WD 408.40 (60 hp) Optional: stronger injection pump (+10 HP) Wheel setup: Standard tires: rear: 420/85 / R30 Care: rear: 230/95 / R44 Design: Cabin top Other functions: IC control: Front window for opening / closing Animated / Illuminated: Tachometer, fuel gauge blinker Blinker works as in real: Tractor alone = 1 beam flashes Tractor + 1 trailer = 2 lights flashing Others: washable Working light rear button NUM 6 swing axle Behrahrerskript installed Low beam + high beam light yellow as well as in real life Required Mod Drive Control

Credits: Alex2009, Fruktor, Manuel Leitner, Modelleicher, PeterJ – euroDZN, Sven777b, BM-Modding (Dynamic Hose Skript)

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