FS17 - Tarn Map V2.0

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Hello I am Ben, Version 2 fixed known bug Textures partially changed new outlet pub "Ampfinger Hof" Decoration and shelters Farm silo capacity set at 3 million, potatoes and sugar beet added to the warehouse Traffic slows down Pedestrian splints partially laid The grass on the streets is wanted, live in the middle of the city of Berlin and there are also grass on the side streets, both on the roads and on the roads. Productions of the weaving mill and the soymilk need diesel for production, you can buy them at the normal petrol station, or make them yourself using the placeable refinery, using the tank trailer of the Kotte Universal Pack. oh my my life was not easy in the last few years. First I lost my parents at the age of 18 and then I had to wait a whole 2 years for a course in agricultural science. The interim time, I have sold with auxiliary jobs on the surrounding farms here. Now my studies are almost over and I have a secure job too. Actually, everything is great. ........... until today, today a letter reached me. A lawyer and notary wrote to me that since 2012 he is looking for the legal heirs of a client. Since it is probably difficult to throw the right one, he now hopes to have found the right person in me. He informed me that I had an uncle. This had probably in Bergsee a community court. All the inhabitants probably worked for or with my uncle to supply the village community. Many villagers have bought back land from the legacy of my uncle, otherwise it would have fallen to large investors. The local companies currently have to buy their raw materials expensive, which they all want to change quickly. Unfortunately, no one is allowed to continue the farm, as long as it is not foreclosed, which the villagers would like to prevent. If I'm the nephew I'm looking for, call him and make an appointment. Great right? What should I do? The names of my parents fit, my data is correct, but I do not know anything about an uncle, I was always told that there are only my parents and me. I am not afraid of the responsibility to run a farm, but in a place completely unknown to me? Maybe you can help me, should I get in touch and go there, or stay here? Thank you Ben Mapfacts: 27 fields from 1.13 to 19 ha Meadows with about 9.5 ha at the farm Ls 17 standard cultures large yard with animals, storage and machine parking living village gold nuggets Pig trader, cow dealer and shepherd searat productions: Bakery, Brewery, Coke, Greenhouses, Barrel Factory, Sawmill, Pallet Factory, Charcoal, Cardboard, Dairy, Pasta, Rum, Whiskey, Seeds, Fertilizer, Soy Milk, Weaving, Sugar Mill, Compost, Biogas Sale : Edeka, garden center, grain trade, spinning mill, sawmill, straw, manure, grass, manure, biogas

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