FS17 - Ursus C360 3P Naglak V1.0

July 10, 2018 10:20 am 919 Downloads
Ursus has Removable beam on the approach A set up grille on the approach Removable loads on the approach Removable cables on the approach Removable mask lid on the approach Opened door on the approach Opened mask on the approach Input animation Rocking mud flaps and doors Real sounds Animation of inserting the key during firing Movable tip Movable gear lever directions light Rooster Movable lifting lever Opened glass and roof Movable flap Console for round to choose from in the store prohibitions edition Relocating to other forums Sounding sounds When you remove txt, please provide the author (President Ziaroo) thievery Converting to next versions of Farming

Credits: Author: Model: Marcello1942
Script: Rockstar94, modelleicher, JoXXer, RivalBomb, Knagsted, Giants,
FS 15 programming: Rockstar94, KlimkoAgricultureMODS (formerly KlimeqqqMODS)
Author of txt: PrezesZiarooo
Edit: President Ziarooo
Convert- KlimkoAgricultureMODS (formerly KlimeqqqMODS)

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