FS17 – Watts Farm Map 17 V1

November 25, 2016 5:07 am 424 Downloads
Hello and thank you for downloading and checking out my map Watts Farm. A Bit about the map i had the idea of doing a middle of nowhere stuck in a valley type of map and started Watts Farm in FS15 just got around to it a bit late and never reall got to show its full potential. I believe in rugged terrain when i think of farming in the scnario of where my map is located due to the water run offs when it rains to the uneven fields and bumpy terrain i just believe thats what i would imagine farming in a setting my map is in.

Credits: Credits fo objects i used on the map. FSM Chef for his objects he allowed me to use from his Auenbach map greatly appreciated. Giants for the game There is a few other objects i used from modhoster i will get those names and update this next map update but to those guys thank you very much.

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