Agramark Portable Fueling Canister Buying Station V1.0

June 10, 2021 8:16 pm 93 Downloads

This fueling canister allows you to buy fuel for nearby vehicles. It's manufactured by Agramark and uses only lightweight materials, meaning it's 100% portable. It's possible to carry it by hand or even leave it in your truck's bed and have it as a fueling support vehicle. You'll be able to easily refuel your vehicles anywhere you want! Of course, you can drive it to the fuel station first, for roleplaying purposes.

- Allows vehicles within canister range to be refueled.
- Diesel will be bought at a slightly increased price.
- Can be carry by hand (no mods required).
- Can be left in vehicles for convenience.
- Easy to place: reduced area requirement.
- Category: find it in "Placeables -> Miscellaneous".
- Price: $ 500.


Credits: ARX Modding

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