This is an ARTISTIC RAT ROD by DTAP GAMING Featuring a Texture map Designed for this mod by FlashKid669!

Added multilingual option!!!
added 4 more engine speeds in the engine options
Standard diesel and 350 v8
Medium diesel and 350 v8
YEEEET diesel and 350 v8
Installed a High Roller Cam so you may notice a bit of a differance the first time you start it back up as far as the engine sounds!!!!!
Shortend the width of the front and rear axle so the rat now fits inside the expendables car hauler enclosed trailer
Patched Underglow lights Shadow Casting causing extreme Lag under certian circumstances
Rat Rod now not Drivable until engine is at Idle
Enlarged coal effect while driving diesel motor and lessened it while idling

This mod includes multiple User defined features such as:

EU (drive on passanger side)

Other Options
Color Options
Engine Color Option
Main Color Option
Seat Color Option
Rim Color Option
Rim Center Color Option
Vehicle Options
UnderGlow Color Choice x4
Headlight Color Choice x3
Window Tint Color Choice x9
Hood Ornament Choices x14
Door Ornament Choice I/O
Box Decortaions Choice I/O
Horn audio Choices x8
Engine Choices x6
Attacher Choice 1|2|all
Wheel Choices x8 combonations

Tested inĀ FS19 1.6 version.


Credits: Rust and Main Body Texture made by: Old_Man_Flash

Download File (157.5 MB)

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