These Bunker Silo displays will connect to the closest bunker when placed. Standing at the front of each display will allow configuration changes.

LED Display:
A small led panel mounted to a post showing the current fill level. Display can also be configured to show a directional arrow or number on a small sign board along with the current fill type icon.

Price: 860 $
Maintenance costs: 2 $

Display Board:
This display style allows for each bunker to be numbered or a directional arrow to be set while also showing the current fill level, compaction percent and fermenting percent.

Price: 1920 $
Maintenance costs: 3 $

When using ‘PlaceAnywhere’ or similar mods it is advised to disable the feature in-game when placing these displays to avoid connection issues!

Tested in FS19 1.6 version.


Credits: GtX

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