– 19 exhaust configurations.
– 23 engine configurations.
– Available models: OLD and New MT800B series, MT800C series, OLD and New MT800E series, Breast Cancer Awareness version.
– Weights configuration.
– 7 tracks configurations.
– Additional visual configurations.

King of the Field
MT800E Series

With the unmatched torque of our AGCO Power engine and an industry leading Mobil-trac™ undercarriage system,
you’ll put maximum power to the ground – efficiently.
With updated hood styling and cab features,
you’ll find that work is a lot more comfortable.

Features: Performance

Everyone talks horsepower,
but true power comes from torque.
And our largest and most powerful track machine delivers torque that’s absolutely unrivaled.
Under the hood of the MT800 is an AGCO Power™ engine,
that’s engineered solely for the demands of agricultural applications.

Tested in FS19 1.6 version.


Credits: SiiD Modding, BM86Modding

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