The Franconian map is a small but beautiful map with 61 fields and a few meadows, there is a BGA, a yard 2 villages, a contractor and a dealer. At the BGA there is still a small sheepfold.

In the yard there is a grain silo where wheat barley rape maize oats sunflowers soybeans potatoes straw grass hay wood chips pig feed slurry manure can be stored.

In addition, there is a silo and a cow and pigsty in the yard. There are 8 sales outlets on the map. The map is largely equipped with the European / buildingsArray, that is, with the standard objects of the Felsbrunn map.

Tested inĀ FS19 1.6 version.

Credits: FraengersxD/edit Manituo Fan/converts by spezi2.0 modding:Mimi

Download File (254.6 MB)

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