Autodrive Route Network For The Nf Match Map V2 for Farming Simulator 19. Hello friends of the NF Match Map and Autodrive, Here is my AutoDrive route network for the NF Match Map (version 2.0). The route network was created with AutoDrive version and includes: - All two-lane roads there and back - Most dirt roads as a one-way street - All fields one or two departure points, in the fields a circuit so that the AD driver does not land in the ditch or on the fences. - All sales outlets - Approach points for the courtyard on each island - 2 target points on each bridge to wait with the bridge open All destination points (136 pieces) are sorted by island and type (field / sales / other) in a folder structure after downloading, replace the autodrive file in your own savegame folder, save any existing file beforehand if you are not satisfied with my version.


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