FS19 - Berghof Felsbrunn By Mc Multifruit V1.3

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Berghof Felsbrunn By Mc Multifruit V1.3 for Farming Simulator 19. I would be very happy about a review and a short feedback. Version 1.3 Multifruit 1. Poppy and strawberries installed 2. small corrections So I know if this map arrives well, otherwise I put the support and is not developed because they also spend a lot of time in claim that I no longer have. With 3 maps there is a lot together Well all have fun and thank you for more comments and Reviews. Please read everything well until the end. Hello dear Farming Simulator fans With this new Modified Map Berghof_Felsbrunn_by_MC Multifruit (the textures for many types of fruit are created by myself) I would like to introduce you to another version. Since I have nothing else to do (fun) and because it makes me a lot of fun to build maps, I would like to give you this map also nich. The map is very similar to the previous version of the map “FS19_Felsbrunn_Edit_By_MC”. With the new Map Berghof new challenges have arisen and the ambience was minimized to the essentials. I attach great importance to nature in the map and also on the details as well, so only new things are delayed on the map. Furthermore, still lacks the long-awaited factory script what the Do not allow productions of different factories. Enough written. See for yourself what the map “Berghof_Felsbrunn_by_MC” concerns.It may not be his taste. Maybe there are some who like this version. That’s why I attach importance to a feedback and evaluation of the Map.Wenn someone finds error that may give notice. I wish you a lot of fun on the “Berghof_Felsbrunn_by_MC”. MC / Jürgen The factories are only outlets because the scripts are still for the productions absence. Are there any problems with placing some mods then this could help. Changing this map and re-uploading is not allowed. Respect the work of all modders and mapper. Many Thanks Credits: Motorboat with Sound and Beat by Mole 63, Vertex Kaufstalls Dezign, Hasco Stakehouse, San Andreas Cutter Shed, NewVehicleShop: Roof Signs: Kirtz Pierr, Shop Tag: Joerg_B, Deco: AllgäuerGarde, Claas_Evolution, speedy77, If I have missed someone who may please contact me. Version 1.2 Multifruit Open space added New varieties of white cabbage, red cabbage and salad added Decoration installed Optimized Clip Options Version 1.1 New fruit varieties incorporated millet, spelled, triticale and sorghum Open space at the yard created for possibly Silagesilo etc Minor errors eliminated Texture paths adapted and optimized Procedure for paused and no longer reactive game and only Esc or the TaskManager to end the game. You go into the saved game eg: savegame1 path: C: \\ Users \\ Computername \\ Documents \\ MyGames \\ FarmingSimulator2019 \\ savegame1 \\ economy and opens this economy.xml with an editor which is used for Example could go like this. in the fields at the end “isRunning” must be false …. isRunning = “true” in isRunning = “false” change. So if true, this entry must be set to false and then save that xml and start the game as normal. Then it should work again.

Credits: __MC__

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