FS19 - Dondiego Map V1.4.1

March 17, 2019 8:17 pm 196 Downloads
Welcome to Dondiego Map, well known map from Ls15 and Ls17 This is a 4x Multifruit Map There are 61 fields (from medium to large), two trains, large yard. On the farm we have large stocks for all fruits (including seeds, lime and fertilizer) Capacity of 2500000 L, additional storage for liquid fertilizer and Plant protection products, slurry / digestate storage, workshop, refillable fuel station. All buildings in the yard are placeable. There are twelve outlets + BGA. In the garden center we have two shopping centers with favorable prices for: seeds, fertilizers, lime, liquid fertilizers and pesticides. Also in the sugar factory is a shopping point for lime. At the beginning we have a yard, two fields and a machine park. In the Farm Manager modus yard we also own the property but we have to buy the property first Next to Bahsilo 4 is a free space for future production buildings. The map was tested in SP and MP. V 1.0 only release V 1.1 Trees are visible now V 1.2 Four new fruits were added - spelled, rye, millet and poppy seeds. Floating trees has been fixed. Traffic spline has been corrected. Double fruit names have been removed. Unload everywhere does not currently work with new fruits. All textures for new fruits are from ls 17 (it\'s not good quality). V 1.3 Loading point at the railway silo 3 has been increased. The price overview shows all products again. Farm silo has been traded. In BGA you can now sell straw Bale trigger in BGA has been adjusted Added three new fruits-carrots, onions and alfalfa (as an alternative to grass) v1.3.1 Farmsilo exchanged for old silo again (problems with courseplay) Rest as in v1.3 v1.4 Lucerne was removed, it collides with the grass (changes the values ​​of the grass) A new fruit has been added - triticale New farm silo from version 1.3 has been fixed and will be added again. The old farm silo is also available in the shop. Carrots and onions were eliminated by the field missions. v1.4.1 New textures of carrots and onions Rest as in v1.4 There is no need to start a new game. Recommended mods: LSFM Universal Tank Pack FS19_Carrot_Onion_Pack

Credits: dondiego, Kastor, Blacky-BPG, El Cid,möchtegernbauer, atze1978

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