Factory Pack For Nf Marsch 4Fach Rus V2.1 for Farming Simulator 19. The pack is required for the full functionality of the NF Marsch Map and Global Company must also be in the mod folder. All objects are seasons ready. Version 2.1: Farm shop selling fruit and vegetables Cash box is back Earth spending is going better now Corrected signs from the cider spawn area Duplicate output selection for by-products in material stores deleted Dairy spawn places shifted somewhat Fixed English translation file Sheep at the butcher Target area Matchmap Designation of Helgoland and Amrum instead of South and West Trigger for pallet delivery in the warehouse slightly enlarged Sawmill spawn places changed and fill level indicators introduced by pallets (Mark) Sawmill purchase price adjusted Second output trigger at the pulp mill Fixed sunflower oil in the warehouse and central warehouse Pellet factory revised and hay and straw pellets added / Own symbols for the hay and straw pellets via GlobalCompany_UserIcon mod Yeast level indicator now visible in the warehouse Central warehouse adapted for hay and straw pellet pallets Productions: Apple orchard bakery Pear plantation brewery Diesel factory Fertilizer production Earth production Fermenter Fisherman Liquid fertilizer production Greenhouse for tomatoes Greenhouse for lettuce Greenhouse for red cabbage Cauliflower greenhouse Hay drying hall Log production Cheese dairy Lime works Gravel pit Cherry plantation Sewage treatment plant Composter Malt production Flour factory Compound feed production dairy Cider factory Oil mill Pallet plant Pellet production Plant protection manufacturing Plum plantation Beet pulp production Seed production Sawmill butcher Pig feed production Pulp mill Cement works Sugar factory Cattle breeding and cattle breeding with milk distribution Chicken breeding with chickens and egg serving Placeable buildings / objects: Warehouses for the pallets Central warehouse with blueprint Wholesale and construction site for sale of productsb Bale storage hall for straw Bale storage hall for silage Multifruit yard silo Liquid bearings Wood direct sales dieverse buildings to earn money ....... further shrinking and many great photos will follow soon I wish you a lot of fun and happy work on the NF March

Credits: FedAction, dragon-tis, matrixukr

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