John Deere 332 Lawn Tractor With Lawn Mower And Garden V2 for Farming Simulator 19. Tractor is much lighter and has less power to be more realistic. This took several hours tweaking as the tractor no longer operated smoothly with these new settings. Sound has been adjusted to be fuller and have more bass Some implement operating speeds have been lowered Made the tractor accelerate more smoothly when operating implements Many other small tweaks and adjustments NEW FEATURES Added a Fertilizer/Lime Spreader Added a Seed Spreader Added a Salt Spreader Added a Snow Blower Added Straps to the Trailer Made the Grass Catcher Strapple Duplicated all Wheel Configurations and Made Sets to Use with Added Realism Mod Made Mower Decks and a Bagger that Work with Manual Attach Mod THINGS YOU STILL CAN’T DO You still can’t use the dual tires with the mower, it’s a physics thing. You can’t use the regular wheel configurations with Added Realism Real Dirt Mod You have to use the ones with Added Realism in their Name You can’t use the wrong mower deck or bagger with the Manual Attach Mod. Use the ones that say Manual Attach Compatible Salt Spreader doesn’t work in Reverse Seed Spreader Doesn’t show Spreader Effect fixes. 90% of the serious problems were mod conflicts. here is how each problem was solved Mower not turning on. This was a conflict with manual attach mod. I resolved it by making two mower decks without hoses and a bagger without hoses that can be used with manual attach Tractor shoots into air when mowing on some maps. This was a conflict with mod maps that had dynamic mud/dirt built into them. The skinny wheels on the mower deck would sink and then snap out of the dirt and sling shot the tractor. This was resolved with extra wide invisible wheels Tractor gets stuck in all fields or spins in circle on field. Conflict with added realism mod with the real dirt addition. The added realism mod is very excellent but going through the script I determined that it was only using wheel width and radius to calculate wheel spin and sideways slip. The size or weight of the tractor wasn’t accounted for. My tractor had very narrow and short tires so they literally wouldn’t work with that mod. I made a copy of every single tire configuration with some extra invisible wheels to each of these configurations. They have added realism in the name The grass catcher tipped the tractor backwards when too full. This was only with added realism. There is now a grass catcher with lower capacity to use with added realism. Trailer floated. I made the main collision object for the trailer two small. Took me about 20 hours to figure this out. Missing texture on tiller. I accidentally selected a texture from a different mod in my folder. Easy fix Tractor does weird things with dual tires and a mower deck. DON’T use the mower deck with dual tires. The tire configurations for the duals have NO MOWER right in their names. The wheels of the mower deck hit the second tire.


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