Kotte Slurry Pack V1.2 for Farming Simulator 19. This package includes the FRC field edge container and the TSA feed barrel from the main game. Changelog + Manure System from Wopster (just Profi Version) + more color design options FRC Price: 25000 Capacity: 55000 l Required Power: 50 hp TSA 30000 Price: 72000 Capacity: 30000 l Required Power: 240 hp Innovations: + Selectable beacon lights on the TSA feed barrel + The FRC field edge container and the TSA feed barrel are available in the Easy and Profi version + The Easy Version behaves like the original when filling, overloading and unloading + In order to fill other barrels in the Profi Version, you have to move the overload arm exactly into the funnel, see screenshots + The Profi Version supports the Manure System from Wopster

Credits: Holger Sengstock

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