*PLEASE READ* Ok, so here I present a Mod Release! I want to thank Okay Wave first for testing the mod and achieving 200 Followers. Second is Expendables Modding for the Original truck and some parts used of other trucks/mods. Third would be McLain Modding for most parts provided off one truck, PowerStroke sound and Cummins Sound. Fourth would be Roro Customs for the badging for the Cummins Options. Last of all Remax Modding for the Duramax Sounds.

This was a nice mod to do and I hope everyone will enjoy it. (Do not upload I will upload) Also apparently it drifts with the Stock Wheel Brand and Mud Tires. Thanks again for everyone whos parts I borrowed for this mod and like I said, hope y'all will enjoy it. (If you find errors, let me know and I'll TRY to fix it)

Tested inĀ FS19 1.6 version.


Credits: Rev It Up Modding, EXP, McLain Modding, Roro Customs, Remax Modding

Download File (175.5 MB)

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