Laying hens, water, straw, wheat, corn, empty pallets and cardboard pallets become egg pallets and manure.

Version 1.2:
1. The area is now smaller. So that you can now place them in a small space.
2. Fixed a bug in the l10n_en.
3. Straw pellets are now displayed in the price list again.
4. The filling pipe (trigger) on the manure heap can now be added or removed using a switch.
5. All signs can now be displayed in German or English. To switch over, go to the instructions for the chicken farm, where you can set the language of the signs. (Hope Google translated it correctly.)

once built a chicken coop that runs through Global Company.
The price for the stable is € 115,000 and the daily maintenance costs are € 80.
Production / hour 1500 liters
You can buy a pallet with 16 laying hens for € 600 in the shop under pallets.
This must be delivered to the right gate in the barn. A total of 800 laying hens fit in the barn. (But laying hens are also used).
Then you also need water and right gate (can be filled using the Manure system from Wopster or normally using a trigger.).
Wheat / barley, straw / straw pellets, corn, empty pallets and cardboard pallets must be delivered to the left gate. (The empty pallets and cardboard pallets can also be bought under the Global Company menu, this works even if they are not installed on the map.)
Then you get egg pallets with 4800 liters as a product. The second product is manure, which can be removed by filling or using a shovel.
Mod is tested in SP and MP

Log errors free.
– Seasons ready
– Manure system installed

Tested in FS19 1.6 version.


Credits: Wippman

Download File (58.7 MB)

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