Komatsu Harvester Pack V1.0

June 9, 2021 8:29 pm 711 Downloads

Latest technology with impressive stability.
With a Komatsu harvester you can achieve maximum effectiveness. In any terrain.

Komatsu 901
Soil-friendly and flexible
HP :231
Head :S92

Komatsu 901XC
Low ground pressure, high stability and a good range
HP :231
Head :S92

Komatsu 931
Powerful and flexible
HP :251
Head :C144

Komatsu 931XC
Comfort, stability and off-road mobility
HP :251
Head :C144

Komatsu 951
A real muscle man
HP :291
Head :C164

With these 5 machines you are equipped for every application from thinning to final felling, regardless of steep terrain due to the traction winch *.
The units S92 (63cm felling diameter), C144 (75cm felling diameter) and C164 (83cm felling diameter) are available for the performance class.
This pack contains numerous improvements compared to the standard machine, many animations, various configurations, as well as the choice of the performance class contribute to a varied gaming experience.
* The traction winch is for visual purposes only.


Credits: Woodcraft Modding

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