Trailer created for the card “Golden Spike 1.4.2A”
It can also carry cargo on other maps, based on Manuscript GT
And on cards where the goods listed below are not in physical pallets.

Transports the following:
– Wool, liquid and dry fertilizers, seeds;
– Meat, sausage, confectionery;
– Dumplings, stew, tomato paste, canned corn:
– Butter, bread, canned vegetables;
– Cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplant, strawberries;
– Condensed milk, starch, packaged milk;
– Wheat flour, rye flour, corn flour;
– Yogurt (several types), sugar (different);
– Colored, red and ordinary cabbage, watermelons, pumpkin, melon;
– Red currant, lettuce, lemons, fish, mushrooms, egg;
– Plums, cherries, pears, oranges, apples, washed potatoes;
– Furniture, boards, plank, cement, cardboard, paper, empty pallets;
– Wine, beer, grape juice, components, building materials.

Added in this version:
– Meatballs, pilaf, halva, white rice;
– Barrels, packed compost, seeds for greenhouses;
– As well as transportation of eggs for incubator.

– company selection;
– Animation of doors;
– Auto-selection / unloading;
– Dynamic hoses;
– get dirty / washed;
– Dust from under the wheels;

– Price 68.000€
– Capacity 53.000 lt.

UPDATE FROM 18.08.2020
– Repaired pallet unloading;
– Increased list of transported goods;
– Added a choice of companies (total of 8 pcs);
– Added sound of refrigerator operation;
– Optimization of the model and archive;
– Added the ability to overload the goods;
– Added cargo ejection function;
– The collision of the trailer has been corrected;
– Dynamic hoses added.

Tested in FS19 1.6 version.


Credits: AlERK Modification

Download File (44.6 MB)

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