Antigonia Map V1.0

April 13, 2022 8:23 pm 101 Downloads

Welcome to Antigonia!
This is my first ever map and i hope you will like it.

Let's start with what the map has for you:
-32 Fields.
-3 Selling Stations: Supermarket,BHP and GrainMill
-3 Ownable fields: That 2 of them are abandoned and need cultivating.
-1 Silo.
-Vehicle Shop.
-Animal Dealer.
-Big Mountains.
-Small lake.
-Gas station.

Let's talk about the Map!
The Map is based on a small village replica
in Greece called Antigonia.Your goal is to
survive and have the bighest farm of all!
Letting know that the outside blank of the map
is still on proggres so you can't go for now.
Hope you will like it because i spent
100 Days making this so hope you love it.


Credits: ManTruck29

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