Arena Map V1.1

May 20, 2022 6:50 pm 296 Downloads

A modern and beautiful fictional multiplayer map - Arena, include seasons. This is standard sized map with a unique view of beautiful wild nature, 2 lakes, farm yards and 21 large field around the modern Arena town. Environment is very comfortable, with space for 5 large farms which may be used for standard agriculture, forestry or productions. All standard features are available, including a shop, animal dealer, and points of sale. Map based on default seasonal growth plan In addition, you will be able to buy more plots for extra placeable like production factorie. There are also space for a stone crusher, and stones can be stored which are collected from fields. The farmyards are empty and ready for the new owner. You will have to build your farm the way you want. Some trees can be removed to place placeable the way you want it. Good luck.

Changelog 1.1:
-Fixed swath straw and grass drop issue.
-Leveled bumpy roads and some other bumpy places.
-Updated visual look of Arena map.
-Added more decorations objects.
-Added collectibles to map.
-Updated field prices to less.
-Set default farmland for default farm.
-Default farm house and garage can not be sold now.
-Added more paintable ground types.
-Added placeables trees and US farm buildings.
-Added vehicles in shop and in town as decorations, in case of game FPS performance they set to belong to farm8 and can be sold. Farm8 vehicles should not be used, they set to be as decoration.

Please use a career new game slot instead of save game, to make it work properly.


Credits: Maikis1LTU, Pupa

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