Azura Map V1.0

April 25, 2023 2:41 pm 320 Downloads

Welcome to Azure!

You will surely recognize the paths of this map since it is a modification of the Holmåkra 22 map. On this modification you will find lots of new features.
Several parts have been completely redone, you will be able to "cut" your wood and decide to sell it or take it to the new sawmill to create pallets for 2 construction sites of buildable cabins.

On this map you have several construction sites:
Laying of pipes, 2 buildable cabins, access creations for cross-country fields, accessibility to cabin sites and many other sites, from clearing soil to crushing rock at the quarry!

Discover lots of hidden places like our undergrounds, our luminous balls only at night.
Have fun on this map you have plenty of places to have fun, whether it's riding a motorcycle, sitting by the fire, jumping the zip line, going downhill in a safety harness and many more. 'others…

On this card you have several versions:

The "beginner" version will show you lots of places like "construction sites, attractions (zipline), abandoned cabin) etc. beware! Not all construction sites and places to explore are "unveiled" like the underground passages, for example.
The "Pro" version will not show you anything on the pda except the basic game features like the sawmill, store or silos. It's up to you to work on your memory and discover this map for yourself without being spoiled.
By default, whatever the map or the starter mod, you will have several vehicles to start the game off right:

Valtra T195
Krampe Halfpipe HP20
Kesla 144ND
Strautmann Zelon CFS 2501
Agco 650
Kuhn GMD 3123 F and GMD 8730-FF
Volvo F16 (mandatory dlc)
Schwarzmuller Timber semi-trailer (mandatory dlc)
K300R Gen2 (mandatory dlc)
John Deere 180G (mods required) 1 Digging Bucket 1 Ditch Bucket 1 Brh


Credits: Auteurs modification - Bzh Modding / TMPAuteurs originels - PixelFarm / Oscar_8599

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