Big Farm, Big Fields, Big Contractor, Mods & Savegame V1.1

December 13, 2021 11:17 am 275 Downloads

Version 1.1 – Updated mods pack and fixed bugs

Languages, English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Russian

Dear fellow farmer,
I hereby share my savegame and various modified mods.

If you update these mods, the modified work is negated.

I’ve built a farm, big fields and a huge contracting company like I always do. This time I thought, I’ll share it with others.

I have used the map ElmCreek and have brought several fields together into very large fields and have sown them with respectively Corn, Grass, Beets, Oats and others.

The farm consists of 2 large cow stables with 3 large corn silos, 4 large horse stables, 8 large pig stables

All this is arranged fairly centrally in the map.

Almost everything you need for machines is set up in the huge sheds, but there are still empty spaces to give your own interpretation to my savegame.

I tried my best but the guy may have some minor flaws here and there but I can’t see everything. If you see a mistake, fix it I would say.

How to install;
Place the “savegame1” in the FarmingSimulator2022 game, which is probably on your C: drive. Or replace it with an existing savegame 1 or change savegame1 to savegame20 for example.

Place the mods in the mods folder.
Fire up the game and don’t forget to select all the new mods or it won’t work.
I hope you enjoy BIG Farm, BIG Fields, BIG Contractor.
Best regards from the Netherlands, Lifeliner.


Credits: All Credits go to the awesome orginal creators of all mods. A big thanx and deep bow to them. However, i modded plenty of the in minor or mayor way so if you update them that work is gone.

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