Buhalovo Map Fixed V1.1

February 2, 2022 11:58 am 185 Downloads

Version 1.1 (fix):
- Fix equipment for harvesting carrots;
- Fix 14 fields;
- Fix collision;
- Traffic speed increased to 45 km/h;
- Removed black textures;
- Weight of sand and gravel fixed;
- Adjusted triggers for Russian mods;
- Fixed pallet with cardboard.

- 15 fields;
- New crops (carrots, onions, tobacco, hops);
- New productions (Bakery, Diesel production, Fish farm, Hay dryer, From stone to lime, Cardboard production, Feed production, Sawmill, Flour mill, Dairy plant, Brewery, Potato peeling, Cigarette plant, Treater, Liquid fertilizer production, Cement plant);
- Animals (cows, pigs, horses, sheep, chickens);
- 16 points of sale for cereals, one for wood;
- All plots can be bought;
- Lighting at night;
- There is CURRENT, vegetable storage + stone storage, diesel storage, fertilizer storage, hayloft;
- Greenhouse complex;
- Traffic of cars and pedestrians;
- The log is clean.


Credits: denka007

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