Claas Cougar 1500 Next Generation V1.0.1.0

June 15, 2022 11:52 am 338 Downloads

The Claas Cougar is a large area mower with a working width of 15 m.

Updated 1.0.1
Fixed mouse control issues. Mouse control only possible when opened. (Thanks to LwGamerDerLöwe for the tip)
This eliminates the “Very important note”
Added rim color choice to match editions
Now also works in working position with Courseplay (thanks to Tensuko from CP)
Corrected the running direction of the tires, in the transport position the running direction of the tires is actually “wrong” (thanks to Appaloosa)
With Ctrl+Shift+Z the steering mode can be changed without having to change the default button setting. With Ctrl+Z the swath and wide deposit is switched and with Shift+B the direction of travel is changed (cabin is rotated)

It is fully animated and equipped with sound:
Mowers, PTO shafts, wide and swath deposit plates, hydraulic hoses, flapping splash guards, spring-loaded and rotatable cab, joystick, indicator lever, ignition key, pedals, dashboard, fold-out animation, pendulum axle, lighting, etc.
The side mowers can be moved using mouse control (note the note).
The mod is texture wise on the FS22 standard and has both wear and dirt effects.
doors with automatic Interior lighting, sun blind and front passenger can be moved or controlled with SIC
There are several configuration options:
Window tinting, different tire brands and widths, license plates
Additionally, the main and theme color can be changed to Class, HoT, and Hirschfeld colors.
With the design configuration, the decals can be adapted to the Standard, Remraf, Hot and Hirschfeld Edition.
Important instructions:
There is front-wheel, all-wheel and crab steering, as well as wide and swath placement (but no swath merging). Since these functions are on the same key combination by default, this must be changed for one of the functions in order to be able to use both.
For the SIC functions, of course, the mod “SimpleIC” from Modelleicher must be in the mods folder.


Credits: This mod is a version of the "ClaasCougar 1400" from daHoffi (ModdingWelt) that I converted from the FS19 for the FS22. I would like to expressly thank the members of our hot team for his approval and help with the implementation of this project. Especially at [HoT]MPNator for testing and presentation by Mario Hirschfeld.

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