Extra Large Chicken Coop For 10000 Animals V1.0

August 26, 2022 4:55 pm 201 Downloads

I converted a sheepfold into a chicken coop, it fits 10000 animals and I added a straw tarpaulin to cover the concrete in the stable (looks better to me somehow)
Standard Hörmann sheepfold converted into a chicken coop
Place for animals 10000 chickens
Lining capacity 60000 liters
Added straw sheet to cover the concrete floor inside the coop so chickens don't have to walk on the concrete
Nets on the outside enclosure changed
Price 25000€
no maintenance costs
In the game, the stable must be renamed, otherwise there will still be Large Sheepfold
Mod is bug free
Mod is suitable for servers
Mod is multiplayer capable
Mod created by AustriaModdin
Have fun


Credits: AustriaModding

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