John Deere 500 Grain Cart V1.0

December 13, 2022 8:57 am 215 Downloads

3 new extensions: Angled roll tarp, 12" Wood extensions, 18" Steel Extensions (with option to have home made steel cover)

Rebuilt connection hoses:
Added two hydraulic lines(connect to ram for pipe, skinned meshes), and 3 electric lines (one for pipe light, and two for tail lights) that are junctioned together into a 7-way cord.
Added rubber pipe spout, and new pipe effect to match.

Three tire options:
Balloon Tires
Goodyear Optitracs (courtesy of Custom Modding)
BKT FL639 (courtesy of JD7530-Chris from FS19 Prefab section on the official)
Capacity: 500-700 bu (19.4-24.7 cu meters)


Credits: GIANTS, Hemerson Dentinho, Custom Modding (GY Optitracs), JD7530-Chris (BKT FL639), AT Farms

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