John Deere 6020 Premium Series V1.0

November 20, 2022 10:51 am 77 Downloads

Engine Configuration
(With PowerQuad,PowerQuad2,AutoQuad w/out F gear,AutoQuad w F gear,AutoPower and completely NEW CommandArm AutoPower Transmission)
(Fully animated transmissions)

Wheel brand Configuration

Wheels Configuration
(Standard-Wide-Wide2-Wide+weights-Twin Back Wheels-Narrow-Narrow Twin Back Wheels-Narrow Twin Wheels)

Front Attacher Configuration
(Bracket-300kg-500kg-700kg-900kg-1000kg-1150kg-Front hydraulic)

Cabine Worklights Configuration
(Standard-Additional Front-Additional 2-Additional Front+Additional 2-Additional Front+Additonal Back-All)

TLS and SCV Pairs Configuration
(3 SCV Pairs-4 SCV Pairs-TLS+3 SCV Pairs-TLS+4 SCV Pairs)

Bonnet Lights and Front Window Configuration
(Standard-Premium Lights-Front Window-Premium Lights+Front Window)

Fenders Configuration
(No-Front-Front+Wide Back)

Beacons and Mirrors Configuration
(No-Left-Left+Electric Mirrors-Right-Right+Electric Mirrors-Both-Both+Electric Mirrors)

StarFire Configuration

Reverser and Cabine Controls Configuration
(Magnetic Reverser-Magnetic Reverser+PTO Control-Magnetic Reverser+Premium Controlls-Electric Reverser+Standard-Electric Reverser+PTO Control-Electric Reverser+Premium Controlls)

Roof Configuration
(Standard-Standard openable-Panoramic-Panoramic openable)

Front loader configuration
(No-Yes-Yes+Tool Box-Yes+Shield-Yes+Tool Box+Shield)

Base Material Configuration
(John Deere Green Plastic-John Deere Green-Original Green Plastic-Original Green-)

Design Material Configuration
(John Deere Green Plastic-John Deere Green-Original Green Plastic-Original Green)

Mod is ready for Precission farming (Crop sensors configuration ready)
Required mods for getting full enjoyment are:---->SIMPLE IC and UNIVERSAL PASSENGER MOD<----
Mod is fully animated, all levers, pedals, switches


!!Log is clean and free of errors and mod is also tested on MP!!


Credits: Authors: Udruzenje Nezavisnih Modera (Dince)

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