John Deere Pack V1.0.1.0

May 3, 2022 12:54 pm 183 Downloads

I would like to present my john deere pack here. a lot has happened & i'm still new to the scene but I like to take constructive criticism to heart to make the best of it.

Version 1.0.1:
hey guys I haven't been idle for the last few days after version
I fixed & changed the following
- JohnDeere Decals lettering adapted (there was a small error with the numbers)
- Config names adjusted (a few things didn't fit)
- adapted forest cage (because it was hanging in the cabinen frame)
- Adjusted exterior & interior mirrors
- Exterior mirrors fold in and out
- Sound file changed
- 4 engine configs

this was all built into my equipment:
Illuminated logo when the engine starts
LED lighting selectable
Simple ic (both doors,rear window,engine hood,steering wheel;passenger seat,roof hatch)
GoodYear tires (new tire selection)
underbody lighting
Rear spoiler (selectable)
JD Decals Selectable
A forest decal (selectable)
Forest cage (selectable)
Front loader 3 pieces JD, Hauer; Quicke
4 engine selection options
Window tinting color choice
Interior color choice
Main & rim color choice
GPS selectable


Credits: Andy_Modding

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