Joskin Cargo Pack V1.0

May 20, 2022 8:34 pm 284 Downloads

The Joskin cargo pack contains:

Cargo trailer:
Price: 27.000 €
Color configuration.
Wheel configuration.

Joskin Trans Cargo:
Price: 35.000 €
Capacity: 29.000l / 31.000l / 33.000l
Color configuration.

Joskin Drakkar Cargo:
Price: 42.000 €
Capacity: 47.000l / 48.500l
Cover configuration.
Color configuration.

Joskin Ferti Cargo:
Price: 41.500 €
Capacity: 32000l Manure / Lime
Color configuration.

Joskin Silospace Cargo:
Price: 36.200 €
Capacity: 43.500l
Color configuration.


Credits: Nico pix's

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