Korpi Map V1.0.3.1

April 26, 2022 11:15 am 95 Downloads

Fixed missing onion icon
Added greenhouse with grapes and onions!
Improved production building icons in shop to be more recognizable.
Added support for precision farming.
Added new crops - Rye, Hemp, Blueberry, Cranberry, and Carrot.
Added more than 30 new paintable ground textures.
Added production buildings for new crops with bakery items for blueberry, rye, and carrots and cranberry, mill that makes rye flour, juice production that makes blueberry juice, cranberry juice, mixed berry juice. Spinnery that makes fabric from hemp straw/fiber.
Added modified vehicles to harvest blueberries and carrots.

Big update out!
This is KORPI, somewhere in Finland wildreness! This is my version of "start from the scratch" map.
There is NO ready fields.
All sellpoint and vehicleshop are middle of map.
You don't own any land or vehicles at any start level.
Finnish style crop calender [Thanks to Mr_Mazzony]
Finnish style weather [Thanks to Agame78]
Finnish style licenseplates [Thanks to Mr_Mazzony]
BIG thanks to Jookya from big update, check latest changelog!!


Credits: FinFarmingSim, Jookya

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