Mercedes Mp4 Truck V1.2

April 25, 2022 11:35 am 380 Downloads

Price: €105,000 - €145,280
Max power: 630hp
Top speed: 83 km/h
Weight: 9.4t

- air suspension
- Over 100 colors for customization
- Numerous configurations [current: 27pcs.]
- Illuminated interior
- Chassis for swap bodies

- Interior color
- Poppy
- cabin
- side panel
and much more

The following mods are recommended:
Krone swap body pack
Simple IC

Updates / Changelog:

- Character position has been revised
- Fixed chassis designation
- BDF Chassi was added an Actros decal
- Added license plate configuration
- Added Simple IC(will be extended soon)(Simple IC is required!)

- Added new color palette
- Driving behavior improved
- Added deep hitch for tandem with deep drawbar or Krone Dolly
- Deep hitch can be mounted with button K
- Bumper can now be flipped with the right mouse button
- AttacherJoints schema revised
- Added lift axle for steering axle (adjustable with left mouse button)
- Revised light cone
- Light cones now glow even with low graphics settings
- Added lowbar for side fairing (configurable under lamp bar below)
- Added new bull catchers
- Added mud flap configuration
- Warning boards can now be opened/closed with the O key
- Fixed side mirrors (Chrome is now Chrome)
- Color URSUS_OLIVE1 replaced as this is no longer supported in the new version
- Flags have been removed as this will result in the following message: Unpopulating
RenderTextureController as a RenderOverlay is in use by the GUI


Credits: Editing and uploading the mod to other sites is NOT allowed!!!Model: BD_Modding, Giants, SCS, Sebastian7870Texture: BD_Modding, Giants, SCSFeatures: BD_Modding, GiantsAdditional parts: MXND, BD_Modding, Giants

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