Moorgrund Map V2.0.0.2

May 15, 2022 8:48 pm 296 Downloads

Attention version is with automatic gates and barriers!!!

Map update version
Removed collision at the Raiffeisen soil fruit
Trees moved to field edges
Field 9, 16, 19, 22 leveled the ground
Trees installed along the streets
Map border more trees installed
Changed greenhouse seed and fertilizer triggers for pallets and hangers
Map ground angle increased
Cowshed feed capacity adjusted
Bakery removed (carried over to new production
Kieswerk purchase station for stones installed
Added farm purchase station wheat for (chickens) and compost for (greenhouses).
Added Map PDA background image

Production food built in:
Carrot Juice (Carrots and Water) Waste is compost
Sauerkraut (cabbage and water) Waste is compost
Coleslaw (cabbage, water, carrots, onions) Waste is compost
bread (flour and water)
Onion bread (flour, water and onions)
Granola (Honey, Wheat, Barley, Oats, Corn) Waste is compost
Cake (flour, sugar, milk, eggs, oil)
butter (milk)
cheese (milk)
chocolate (milk, sugar)
Beer keg (water, hops, barley)

Field tillage production
Seed (wheat and herbicide)
Seed (barley and herbicide)
Seed (oat and herbicide)
Seed sales of Getreide AG and Raiffeisen Getreide AG

Map fruit texture
Alfalfa texture changed

Fertilizer purchase station exchanged with road salt (AUTODRIVE)
BGA silage throughput time increased and capacity adjusted
BGA silo Lucerne registered as a fruit
Digestate capacity increased
Slurry storage fermentation residues added and capacity adjusted

Tank trailer (all liquids)


Credits: Giants Software

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