Placeable Palletshelf V1.0

November 30, 2021 3:16 pm 183 Downloads

Here I offer you my first 3d modeled/placeable mod…
Since it’s my first mod please don’t be too harsh. I will still gladly take suggestions and criticism.

Purchase price: 2500 €
Maintenance: 0€
The shelf is enough for at least 6 pallets (see photos)
You can find the shelf under the category productions -> generators -> at the wind turbine
Ps: The log contains a few warnings and 2 errors, but I’m already fixing them, but nothing gamebreaking.
Much fun with storing and with the mo


Credits: Modell: Raxxtor Textur: Raxxtor Script: Raxxtor Idee / Konzept: Raxxtor Tester: Jannsen Painraser stricker Raxxtor

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